Stough Cool Products

Stoughcool offers a full line up of synthetics, semi-synthetics, emulsions, hybrid-emulsions, cleaners, cutting oils, rust preventatives, tapping fluids, coolant equipment, waylube oils and hydraulic oils. From job shops with small CNC machines to large manufacturing plants with central systems, Stoughcool has a product to fit your applications. Stoughcool’s full line of coolant products continue to be welcomed and respected by machine operators across the country and are recognized as the “cleanest” running coolant ever used.

Stoughcool’s commitment to environmentally friendly products combined with high performance fluids will deliver maximum performance bringing savings to you. Stoughcool products are manufactured with a commitment to quality and consistent excellence. All blends are precisely measured using loading scales ensuring tight quality control.



Jet Series Coolant

Stough Coolant Jet Series

Stough Coolant Brochure Download

Stough Coolant Brochure Download